About Us Medina Lake Realty 

I am Mike Mallory owner and broker of Medina Lake Realty. We have specialized in the Medina Lake and Texas Hill country. I have sold real estate in the area since 1996. We built our office in 2000 and have commercial road frontage that is in the heart of the Medina Lake area. Come in drop by and inquire on prices and information on the area while we can inform you of the conveniences and recreational aspects of Medina Lake. Knowing and understanding the difficulties of buying recreational or waterfront property I can properly advise you on the proper procedure for selling or buying real estate in this area. Helping people overcome the obstacles of financing and the 1084 line issues. Give a call or shoot me an email and I can assist you in your search for the perfect property for you.

 As a recent Aggie Graduate I believe I can be one of the more knowledgeable agents in the Medina lake area. The Reason is because of the experience and wisdom from my father and the research skills I learned from my history degree at Texas A&M. I also was a member of the corps cadets and I am experienced with high stress and preforming under pressure. Having an agent who can preform under stress and keep cool when working with negotiating will help you save and make money. My research skill will also help you navigate the complex world of advertising on the internet and drawing interest to your property. Facebook and social media advertising allows us to bring in buyers in a non-high pressure way and to inform them about the Lake Medina, her HOAs and many other challenges the come with her. Mike and I both believe that people want to buy something not be sold. Which brings me to say we love having people stop by our office and love to entertain the public with conversation and wisdom that we have developed over the years. If you are looking to invest, buy a lake house or find a great family Home Medina lake Realty is the company for you. We are a family run business love to have your family come by so we can entertain and inform you.